The founder of Beyond Horizons NeW Finance

In 1991, Redouan ZNAGUI began his career with Crédit du Nord / Societe Generale Group, as an Information Systems Architect. He then practiced and led Finance activities and managed various teams, for over 24 years within 3 major global financial groups: Societe Generale, Credit Agricole SA and BNP Paribas.

Over the years, Redouan has constantly striven to reconcile finance demands with those of management and people, achieving very tangible results in terms of team cohesion and results. His quest, his relational and human priorities have led him to become a team “catalyst”.

In 2019, he joined EY, one of the world’s leading Audit and Consulting firms, to bring his experience, his managerial and technical know-how to the transformation of Financial Services.

In 2020, Redouan created Beyond Horizons New Finance

Through Beyond Horizons New Finance, Redouan brings unique operational expertise and know-how to large corporations and SMEs.

His personality guides his work towards a better balance between management and profitability.

Redouan ZNAGUI is a forerunner of “Finance of the Future”, particularly in Financial Services. This forward-looking vision of Finance energizes and harmonizes the combination of artificial intelligence and talent.

Redouan ZNAGUI, growth catalyst.

Constant innovation and commitment

Our mission

Combining operational experience and in-depth expertise to drive and transform your business. We merge technical skills, technology and human talent to enable you to create a tangible and profound impact.

Our vision

By sincerely placing human relations at the heart of its concerns, your company can achieve a high level of commercial dynamism, prosperity and profitability.

Our approach

Our approch, guided by our in-depth knowledge on the field, is characterized by effective and personalized action, ensuring solutions specifically adapted to your company’s requirements and context.

Our values: the 5 movements

The 5 movements driving our actions, enabling us to meet our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their goals.


Our client is always welcomed with consideration, empathy, listening, with no judgment and open-mindedness.


Our approach is based on active listening, client’s problem appropriation, fair analyses and objective advice and proposal.


Our action to support our clients is forward-looking, with innovative, creative, effective, and above all humanistic solutions.


We engage in a real cooperative relationship and bring to our clients the means for their autonomous development.


We build a relationship of trust, responsible, sustainable, honest, and based on mutual respect and perfect ethics.

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