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...How can we meet the challenge of a society of solidarity and peace?

There will be a world before the crisis and another after the crisis, and we would like this new world to be better and therefore have a collective obligation to co-construct it, in a spirit of solidarity, boldness and innovation. To do this, let us promote the emergence of a common vision that makes sense of our future, of our development model, in order to identify priorities both in terms of public policies and our production system in a world today constrained by climate change. It is also a prerequisite for any economic policy if we want to give it a chance to be shared, adopted and implemented.

In economic matters, it is time to act with more pragmatism and less dogmatism and trust our collective intelligence. As history has proven that single ideology thinking is inevitably doomed to disappear, there is an urgent need to revisit and correct our economic model, which is clearly not resistant to shocks and remains paralyzed, unable to anticipate. And if we must recall here a classic reference, it is really still relevant: “the goal of all economic policy is the happiness of the citizen”.

In this context, where authoritarian regimes and their supporters in many countries are launching a real challenge to democratic countries, it is more important than ever to defend democracy, the true guarantor of freedoms and plurality. In this context, it is a question of reinventing and developing an ambitious, transformative and inclusive growth model, on solid and sustainable foundations. Moving from a logic of adaptation and reaction to a logic of transformation and anticipation, privileging cooperation and collaboration instead of sterile opposition.

By way of illustration

– Public/private. Current events provide us with a clear evidence of the precious and vital place of certain public services. Public and private, two different expressions, two different roles, always in search of excellence and efficiency, for the same objective, that of being true creators of value for the nation. Two areas are to be protected, Education (teaching, research, training) and Security (health, social and physical).

– France/International. To get out of dependence on other countries and excessive relocation, and to promote and strengthen solidarity-based, ethical and pragmatic cooperation and independence at European and global level. France must remain a country open to the world with all the assets and capacities of true autonomy. When the vision and the project are clear and shared, people are happy with their place in society and in the collective project, giving meaning to their action and their interaction with their environment. A peaceful collective life requires equality of opportunity and solidarity that transcends differences, whatever they may be.

In this ambitious project, new technologies and Artificial Intelligence are essential allies, a real accelerator of the transformation of our companies, our public services, and our society. Artificial Intelligence is human intelligence, using powerful technologies that deal with a considerable amount of data. Let us approach this turning point with confidence and serenity in a conquering spirit aiming for the best for ourselves, for others and for future generations.

  • Article published only in a French version in April 2020, on the website of CEPS, a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs ceps-oing.org

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