Beyond Horizons Compagny

New Finance – New Vision

« I was born to know you… To name you: Freedom »

Paul Eluard

Our history: learning, growing, and transmitting

Beyond Horizons is the consulting firm Redouan ZNAGUI founded in 2020 after a career path of nearly 30 years.

This experience gave him the opportunity to experience and to be actor in two major transformations:

1. Finance and other steering functions have seen their missions evolve significantly, and expectations are still increasingly important. Finance should truly transform itself now to address even greater challenges and strengthen its role within the company and the ecosystem.

2. The significant evolution of mindset and management and leadership, which is only in its early stage. The work still to accomplish is even more important and complex, reinforcing the central place of people in a fast-changing society and deep transforming companies.

In the Autumn 2021, Beyond Horizons – New Finance New Vision is launched, definitively marking our resolutely humanistic approach to the transformation of Organizations.

Our mission: Advising and Coaching

Throughout Redouan ZNAGUI’s career, people have been and still are at the heart of all his action, the common thread, and the point of balance of all his constructions. This experience allowed him to develop the ability to understand and transform people and organizations.

With Beyond Horizons New Finance New Vision, put this operational experience and expertise at the service of the technical, technological, and human Transformation of Companies.

1. Bring the relevant advice and support decision-makers to succeed a smart and chosen transformation, in resonance with the ecosystem. Putting people at the center of this dynamic, individuals and teams express the best of their talent while relying on increasingly disruptive technology.

2. SMEs/ETIs more than ever, deserve special attention. We offer them support adapted to their problems, whether it is international strategic development or performance of an investment or financing study. We are their partners to help them achieve their goals, always in a spirit of cooperation and co-construction..

Our Values :the 5 motions

5 effective motions drive our actions,

allowing us to appropriately answer to our clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals.


Our client is always welcomed with consideration, empathy, listening, with no judgment and open-mindedness.


Our approach is based on active listening, client’s problem appropriation, fair analysis, proposal of appropriate solutions and objective advice.


Our action is forward-looking, with innovative, creative, effective, and above all humanistic solutions.


We engage in a real cooperative relationship and bring to our clients the means for their autonomy.


We build a relationship of trust, responsible, sustainable, honest, and based on mutual respect and perfect ethics.

« When the energy of the elements stabilizes, things take shape »

Ling Shu Jing