Beyond Horizons’ Expertises

New Finance – Business Steering

« Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present will certainly miss the future. »

John F. Kennedy.

For a highly technological and resolutely humanistic Finance

Forward-looking, transformation


→ What is about

The projection into the future and the transformation of the company is a smart and harmonious combination of an incremental transformation and a disruptive one:

  • Projection: think and design the future according to shared vision and ambition
  • Transformation: concrete and quick wins, relying on agility and commitment

→ Usefulness

By having the necessary visibility and control of its agenda, the company, in ecosystem, moves forward enlightened towards its objectives with flexibility and control, in full confidence and security. This process engages all stakeholders in a trajectory that is empowering, rewarding, and motivating, meaningful, around common values and objectives.

→ Value creation

A creation of sustainable value for the company:

  • Insert, without additional cost, the projection and reflection on the future in the agenda of the company,
  • Capitalize on a beneficial combination of technology and talent,
  • Acceleration of people engagement and cooperation at all levels.

Operational efficiency & profitability

→ What it about

The success of such a growth project is assured if it is undertaken without prejudice and within the framework of a global vision. It consists of an innovative action on the value chain to:

  • Provide functional and economic added value
  • Naturally integrate the company’s processes via solid and sustainable means


The improvement and sustainability of efficiency and profitability consist of action on specific levers

  • Costs: optimization/reduction by acting with pragmatism and intelligence on processes
  • Revenues: growth/new sources through a process of innovation and creativity

The solutions put in place are long-term building blocks for future growth.

→ Value creation

Refining accurate savings have 2 consequences

  • To improve operational efficiency and profitability,
  • To (Self)finance the transformation process.

Performance management

→ What is about

Starting from an anchor point, having sufficient visibility to project the company into the future with serenity. It is a culture to be infused and implemented throughout the company through the Single Process model.  This consists in gathering all the Company’s Data, mainly from Steering Functions, into a system that guarantees its uniqueness and quality.

→ Usefulness

The Performance Management system thus built, in accordance with the New Finance concept, gives its full place to creativity, in line with the company’s values and mission.

  • Focus on management and decision-making
  • Optimal, cost-effective, and even profitable use of Data

Value creation

With such a Performance Management system, the company undeniably gains in operational efficiency and therefore not only achieves substantial savings, but it also generates new revenues.

Innovation & creativity

→ What is about

It is about totally changing the current way of managing innovation in companies, creating a new state of mind, and developing and infusing an innovative culture of innovation.

It is inventing a new path to innovation serving collective success and performance:

  • Considering innovation as everyone’s matter: all innovators
  • Making innovation a key managerial skill
  • Root innovation in individual and collective daily work.

→ Usefulness

Rooting the culture of innovation and creativity throughout the company makes it possible to consider that all the projects undertaken are themselves opportunities for the teams to innovate and express their creativity and talent directly on subjects or issues that concern and impact them daily.

→ Value creation

With this innovative approach to innovation, the results are real, useful, and sustainable since they are produced at the very heart of the company’s activity, whether they concern the commercial activity or the support functions.

Change Management & Teams’ cohesion

What is about

The company is an eminently human experience, which grows and thrives in a collaborative and energetic ecosystem. This ecosystem is composed of several stakeholders including employees, managers, shareholders, directors, customers, suppliers, partners, the company’s mission, environment, Capital, and Assets.

The balance and harmony of this ecosystem is the keystone of the company’s growth, success, and sustainability. And this is possible thanks to a strong commitment and perfect cohesion between the different contributors to this ecosystem.

→ Usefulness

Give meaning to the role and contribution of each actor in the ecosystem, in a spirit of cooperation and co-construction. Thus, collective success sublimates in a brilliant and natural way individual successes and satisfactions.

The alignment of stakeholders, organization, and governance with the company’s strategy and values becomes then an obviousness.

→ Value creation

A totally humanistic and pragmatic approach is the only one that allows all companies, whatever their purpose and size, to exist, evolve and prosper in a complex, uncertain and constantly changing context.