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highly technological and resolutly humanistic

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New Finance – New Vision

« The world we have created is the result of our reflection »

Albert Einstein

I am pleased to welcome you to Beyond Horizons-New Finance New Vision’s website dedicated to advising and supporting decision-makers on their Business Steering and Transformation projects.  You will find a summary of our service offering and the main areas of intervention, as well as a blog dedicated to news and information sharing.

In a very complex and changing environment, we help companies of all sizes, to manage these upheavals for an optimal result intelligently combining Technics, New Technologies, and Talents, for a solid and sustainable value creation.

We propose to help you meet the challenges related to decision-making, financial steering, growth, profitability and operational efficiency, Leadership and team cohesion. Whether these challenges are short-term management related or are profound and transformative, we support you find and implement your concrete, reliable and sustainable solutions. With a common thread, People care, benevolence and efficiency.


Redouan Znagui

Our Services

« Energy follows thought »

New Finance – Business Steering


Managing complexity, human intelligence in action

For solid and sustainable value creation


We advise and support ambitious decision-makers, at all stages from the idea to the implementation, to efficiently steer their business, make their projects real and carry out a chosen, smart, and humanistic transformation of their company, serenely and safely, in resonance with ecosystem.


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New Finance

Business Steering

Our Expertises

« There is only one thing that does not change, and that is the change »

Lao Tseu

New Finance – Business Steering

For a Finance highly technological and resolutely humanistic


Forward-looking, transformation: designing the future and projecting with confidence


Operational efficiency & Profitability: continuous improvement and sustainability

  • Achieve real savings and self-finance transformation


Performance management: Finance and other steering functions

  • Optimal and profitable use of Data in a single process context


Innovation & creativity:  to achieve collective success and performance

  • Rooting the culture of innovation and creativity throughout the company


Change Management & Teams’ cohesion:  in multicultural, multi-site & challenging contexts

  • Organization and governance in accordance with the company’s strategy and values


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