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New Finance – New Vision

« The world we have created is the result of our reflection »

Albert Einstein

    I am pleased to welcome you to the new BeyondHorizons-New Finance New Vison website. It’s expressing clearly my humanistic and holistic approach to business and people issues, for a highly technological and definitely humanistic society.

    A company is above all, a human experience, which grows and thrives in a collaborative and energetic ecosystem. Therefore, to meet today’s many challenges, organizations should rely on a strong commitment and perfect cohesion between the different stakeholders of this ecosystem. The success of any project is therefore an obviousness.

    To provide comprehensive and sustainably useful assistance to companies and individuals, I have identified the energetic resources that make it possible to effectively mobilize everyone’s vital energy, individually and collectively, to boost cooperation and co-construction.

    This harmony is brought by Beyond Horizons through a unique interactive combination for a strong value creation:

    • New Finance : Business Steering
    • New Vision : Beingness Energy

    Redouan Znagui

    Our Services

    « Energy follows thought »

    New Finance

    Business Steering

    New Finance – Business Steering

    Managing complexity, human intelligence in action

    For solid and sustainable value creation


    I advise and support ambitious decision-makers to make their projects real and carry out a chosen, smart, and humanistic transformation of their company, serenely and safely, in resonance with ecosystem.

    ♦ Consulting & Coaching

    ♦ Training & seminars

    New Vision

    Beingness Energy

    New Vision – Beingness Energy


    Dare wellness, dare well-beingness

    In personal and professional life


    I help people to take care of their lives and well-being, to be its designers and actors, and to take the place they deserve in society. I accompany them to feel in harmony in their body and mind.

    ♦ Consulting & Coaching

    ♦ Energetic & Holistic Therapy

    Our Expertises

    « There is only one thing that does not change, and that is the change »

    Lao Tseu

    New Finance – Business Steering

    For a Finance highly technological and resolutely humanistic


    Forward-looking, transformation: designing the future and projecting with confidence

    • Smart combination of incremental and disruptive transformation

    Operational efficiency & Profitability: continuous improvement and sustainability

    • Achieve real savings and self-finance transformation

    Performance management: Finance and other steering functions

    • Optimal and profitable use of Data in a single process context

    Innovation & creativity:  to achieve collective success and performance

    • Rooting the culture of innovation and creativity throughout the company

    Change Management & Teams’ cohesion:  in multicultural, multi-site & challenging contexts

    • Organization and governance in accordance with the company’s strategy and values

    New Vision – Beingness Energy

    Happy and dynamic people in a fast-changing society


    Comprehensive energetic examination

    • The best of the Asian and the Western schools

    Indo-Tibetan & Chinese Energetics

    • Target the perfect balance, high precision mechanics combining body and mind

    Manual therapy, tissue vibration therapy

    • An art, a real symphony to unravel the blockages even those that are well hidden

    Advice on lifestyle and natural treatments

    • Everything to support and enhance the benefits of energetic care

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Enneagram

    • Getting better to know yourself and fully enjoy living, being the creator and the actor of your life

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