Redouan Znagui

Founder & CEO – Beyond Horizons

New Finance – New Vision

« The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is »

Oscar Wild

My career

Founder and CEO at Beyond Horizons-New Finance New Vison, dedicated to advising and supporting decision-makers in the management and transformation of their company.

With an initial scientific, technological, and banking background, I started my career as an Information Systems Architect. I then had the pleasure to manage the Finance activities and lead diverse, international, and multicultural teams for more than 24 years within 3 major French banking groups, Societe Generale, Crédit Agricole SA and BNP Paribas, active in the domestic and global markets. In 2019, I joined EY “Ernest & Young”, one of the world’s leading Audit and Consulting firms, to bring my experience and know-how to the transformation of the “Financial Services”.

This rich experience has shown me that while technology, whatever it is, is of course essential in any company, the quality of the relationship and cooperation within its ecosystem remain clearly decisive.

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My Vision

A company can be very dynamic and sustainably pritable if the quality of human relationship is sincerely a priority.

My Philosophy

“Energy follows thought”: This Taoist principle is as a revelation and as a matter of course for me.

My Dreams

Eradicating poverty and ignorance – Generalizing abundance and Knowledge – Promoting Education for all

What/Who inspires me


The city with “two Seas”, where life has always been openness, tolerance and dream.

"The end of work"

Jeremy Rifkin demonstrated that we can have a prosperous and egalitarian society.

Nelson Mandela

Extraordinary human values.

The sea, the ocean

Powerful calm and calm power.

Nelson Mandela

Extraordinary human values.

The Impressionists

The real breakthrough innovation.

Albert Einstein

He has brought Science into a revolutionary and resolutely spiritual era.